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NaturesPlus, Marine Collagen Peptides, 0.53 lb (244 g)

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NaturesPlus, Marine Collagen Peptides, 0.53 lb (244 g)


Certified Non-GMO
Sustainably Produced
Wild Caught 
I, III Types of Natural Collagen
Dietary Supplement
Skin Elasticity
Soft Skin
Hair Growth
Gut Health
Joint Relief 
Clean Ingredients, Clean Taste 
Environmentally Responsible
Gluten Free
GMP - Independently Certified
Clean, Pure, Optimized

Be your absolute best with NaturesPlus Marine Collagen Peptides. Precision crafted to be rich in Collagen Types I and III, Marine Collagen Peptides uniquely boosts skin elasticity, moisture, appearance and overall health. Made from ecologically sourced, wild-caught fish, NaturesPlus Marine Collagen Peptides is hydrolyzed for easy digestion and quick absorption to provide the ultimate results.

NaturesPlus Marine Collagen Peptides is your best choice.

Rich in Type I and III Collagen Forms 
Promotes Healthy Skin Elasticity, Moisture and Overall Health
Provides Exceptional Support for Hair, Nails and Joints
Wild-Caught Utilizing Only Free-Swimming Oceanic Fish
Sustainable, Small Ecological Footprint
Hydrolyzed & Enzyme Boosted for Maximal Absorption and Benefits
Maximized Absorption

Superior Source Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen with Collagen Digesting Enzymes to maximize absorption.

Collagen provides whole body results: 

Type I - Skin Elasticity and Moisture, Hair Health
Type III - Joints, Blood Vessels, Vital Organs
Suggested use
Add 2 level scoops (12.2 g) of Marine Collagen Peptides powder to 8 fl. oz. of any liquid or recipe of your choice. 

NaturesPlus' superior collagen forms mix quickly and easily. No blender required!

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